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I really enjoyed the article about the movie and its history. One bias that seems to go on and on everywhere relates to the south.

The man mentioned the program in Atlanta opening not having mammy on the program. The writer said it spoke volumes about the south. It DID SPEAK VOLUMES ABOUT HIS BIAS AND STUPIDITY. Mammy was not allowed to be buried in the Hollywood cemetery because she was black. This speaks volumes about this writer and reflects the views of most ignorant Americans.

The blacks were treated marginally better up north. Certainly nowhere near as equals. Jack Johnson was convicted of dating a white woman in Chicago umm Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia NO IT WAS CHICAGO ILLINOIS THE LAND OF LINCOLN.

I AM A WHITE SOUTHERNER. I AM NOT A RACIST. By the way Jack Johnson was the heavyweight champion of the world.

Some inconvenient truths,

Delaware and Maryland were the last 2 slave states.

There were reportedly 50 to 90 thousand BLACK CONFEDERATE TROOPS

The largest slave owner was a BLACK MAN FROM NACODOCHES, TEXAS

There is no doubt the south treated the blacks extremely poor, however the north was marginally better. Take a look in the mirror you bigot.

Reason of review: biased wrong reporting.

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